Quiz #3 for Illinois Concealed Carry

(Answers below)

These questions all apply to a person with an Illinois License to Carry


1) You can shoot someone only if YOUR life is in danger. (True/False)

2) You can walk around the parking lot of a county court building while carrying concealed. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

3) You can carry only one concealed firearm at a time.  (TRUE)  (FALSE)

4) Your gun can be on the seat next to you in your car and doesn’t have to be in a holster or bag as long as it is concealed from view.  (TRUE)  (FALSE)

5) You must unload your gun before putting it in the trunk of your car if you are in a “prohibited parking lot.” (TRUE)  (FALSE)

6) If you are at a public event, like a festival, you may NOT carry concealed. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

7) Your employer can have you arrested for having a gun in your car in the company parking lot. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

8) Every state adjoining Illinois recognizes your Illinois License to Carry. (TRUE)  (FALSE)


1) False.  The law states you may use ‘deadly force’ if you feel you are in reasonable fear of great physical harm, and also to protect another person – not just yourself.

2) True.  While you may NOT carry into a court building, the parking area and real property are not prohibited.

3) False.  The law sets no limit on how many guns you may carry: only that they must be concealed and they must be handguns.

4) True.  The gun may be ‘on or about your person’ but if you leave it in the car, it must then be in a container and either the container or the car must be locked.

5) False.  This rule change took effect in July, 2015 so you are no longer required to unload before you step out of the vehicle. However, you must go directly to the trunk to secure the firearm.

6) True/False.  While most festivals are ‘permitted special events,’ not ALL of them are.  Some small towns will even block off the streets for a festival, but there is not permit issues, which means it is legal to carry there.  Consult the police department or city hall to be sure.

7) False.  You can be fired, but it is not a crime.  Illinois has a “Safe Harbor” provision, which allows you to keep your gun in your car as long as it is in a container and either the container or the car is locked.  The container can be the glove box or center console.

8) True.  You can carry in 23 other states, including all that border Illinois, with your Illinois license to carry, but you must follow their laws.  

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Quiz – Illinois Concealed Carry Law

Answers Below

1) In Illinois you must advise any law enforcement officer you come into contact with that you are carrying (true / false)

2) You can walk (or ride) through a park while carrying as long at the path / trail you are on goes through the park and keeps going (true/false)

3) You can carry on the trails and paths in Illinois State Parks (true / false)

4) Aside from the third offense of carrying while intoxicated, there are no felony penalties under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (true/false)

5) A licensee who leaves his gun in his vehicle must first unload it (true/false)

6) A licensee can leave his gun in his vehicle, but the gun must be in a container of some sort (such as the glove box or center console) (true/false)

7) A licensee can leave his gun in his vehicle without locking the vehicle (true/false)

8) You cannot walk on the sidewalk on a college / university campus while carrying (true/false)




1) False.  Unless you are asked if you are carrying, you are under no legal obligation to inform a law enforcement officer. However, it is a good idea to do so.

2) True. As long as you are ‘passing through’ a park on a trail that is not merely in the park, but rather the trail just passes through the park.

3) True. However, carrying in the buildings is prohibited.

4) True.  All penalties are misdemeanors, aside from the third offense of carrying while intoxicated.

5) False.  There is nothing in the law that requires the gun be unloaded.

6) True.  Obviously, the gun doesn’t have to be in a container while you are with it (just concealed), but when you leave the vehicle, it must be in some container.  The glove box and center console qualify, but a locked box / portable safe would be better.

7) True.  While most people lock their vehicles, as long as the container is locked, the car does not have to be locked.

8) True. This is a tricky one, as most colleges are sprawling all around the town they are in.  You can always walk on a public right-of-way.  However, if the sidewalk is a college-owned sidewalk (like the walkway going up to each building), then you are not on the public right-of-way and you are breaking the law.

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