Illinois Gun Pros offers the finest Concealed Carry training available for both the Chicago area and Central Illinois, equipping you to fully understand what can be a very confusing law.  You will automatically qualify for your Illinois License to Carry AND a non-resident Florida and Arizona CCW permit, if you desire to obtain these as well.  The following video explains what is required for training.

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After your training with Illinois Gun Pros, you will have a 3 ring binder and completed worksheets that will give you the confidence that you have a thorough understanding of:

  • The Firearm Concealed Carry Act
  • Justifiable Use of Deadly Force
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  • How to draw your gun from a holster quickly and safely
  • What type of ammunition / gun is best to defend yourself
  • The various options on how to conceal your gun
  • When to shoot and when not to shoot
  • How to shoot without taking the time to use the sights
  • Much more…

Instead of merely a lecture class, you will spend time interacting with the instructor, other students, and even training with laser pistols in the classroom before we head to the range. You can also continue your training with Personal Shooting Coaching and a Basics of Gunfighting Class.

By taking your training through Illinois Gun Pros, you can finish your 16 hours with all the training requirements for Utah, Arizona and Florida non-resident CCW permits in addition to your Illinois License! This will allow you to carry in 32 States.

“One Size” Does NOT Fit All:

Illinois Gun Pros offers both the full 16 hour training for the Illinois License to Carry, as well as the “second 8 hour” class alone for those who have credit for the first 8 hours. (As long as you are not a beginner with a gun, you may take the courses out of sequence, if that fits your schedule better!)

We also have a 12 hour option if you have partial credit from previous training / CCW permits from another state, so you won’t have to take the full 16 hours if you don’t need to.

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Training Credits

The law requires 16 hours of approved training.  HOWEVER, there is an 8 hour credit for previous training for the following:

  • If you are a veteran or active duty / reserve military, you are credited with 8 hours of training.
  • If you have a certificate from the NRA Basic Pistol Course, NRA Personal Protection In the Home, or NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, you are credited with 8 hours of training.

You are credited with 4 hours of training for the completion of each of the following courses. (Note, you are credited with 4 hours of training for each COURSE completed, not just for each permit you have, as some courses are used to qualify for multiple permits….)

  • Illinois Hunter Safety Course
  • Utah Concealed Carry
  • Florida Concealed Carry
  • Nevada Concealed Carry
  • Missouri Concealed Carry
  • Kentucky Concealed Carry
  • Michigan Concealed Carry
  • Chicago Firearms Safety Course

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What Does Illinois Gun Pros Offer for The First 8 Hours?

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course will satisfy the first 8 hours of training required for an Illinois License to Carry.  This class will help you immensely if you are a total beginner, or even if you are an experienced shooter.

You will learn more than just safety in this class.  You will learn how to get “back to basics” to greatly increase your marksmanship, and learn the key to shoot instinctively – that is, shooting “without aiming” in a defensive situation (This is called the Natural Aiming Area, and is an additional training module added to the Basic Curriculum at no charge.) These are all skills that are critical for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class.

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About Your Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

Mike Bius is a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor. He has been shooting for over 30 years and is a veteran of the US Army Infantry. What makes him a great instructor, however, is not just his knowledge and experience, but also his career as an educator and trainer. He has a knack for explaining things in a way that helps people quickly understand and then remember key concepts. This makes his courses especially engaging and also fun. Mike lived most of his adult life in the Chicago Western Suburbs and that is where he started teaching Illinois Concealed Carry Classes.  He now lives in Central Illinois, in Logan County, where he teaches concealed carry, but he also continues to teach concealed carry in the Chicago suburbs as well.

Illinois NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

When you choose an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor to help you get training for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class, you know that you are getting a great instructor who will teach the best curriculum.

  1. A great Illinois Concealed Carry Class starts with a solid curriculum, like the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.
  2. Add training on safe drawing from a holster and you have a solid foundation to give you the skills, knowledge and attitude to defend yourself and your family.

What Our Students Have Had to Say

“As a female new to shooting, I really appreciated this class. At the end of the day, I shot more than well enough to meet the qualifications for the new Illinois Concealed Carry bills. Thanks!” – Melanie Adams

“I took Mike’s class on April 8th 2013 and it was EXCELLENT. Highly professional attitude towards safety and getting students trained the right way. It was also very lively and fun to attend. Mike has a great sense of humor and is an awesome teacher. Even if you have been owning guns and shooting for years , you will learn new things when you attend. this is the class that covers the correct training and target ( b27 ) skills that Illinois is planning to use so you’ll be good to go thanks to Mike planning ahead, I looked at classes EVERYWHERE and drove nearly 100 miles each way to be here. believe me this is the BEST there is !!!!!” – Bill Henderson

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