Gun Class In Your Home!

Maybe you know someone who has never fired a gun before or who is afraid of guns, or you are interested in starting with basic gun safety.  How about a Gun Class In Your Home? You can have up to five people learn from an Instructor certified by the NRA and State of Illinois.

This is a private, non-shooting training class at your convenience!

We will use dummy guns (like the one pictured), then we will use real guns, but with INERT, DUMMY ammunition, so it is 100% safe. This is a perfect introduction to firearms!

You will even get to use a Glock 17 Laser Pistol (actual size and weight) to test your marksmanship abilities without having to fire a real shot.

In three hours, you will:

  • Handle a revolver and semi-automatic pistol safely
  • Learn how to determine if a gun is loaded and if so, how to make it safe
  • Learn how to load and unload (using dummy ammunition) revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Learn how to clear a jam
  • Learn how to change magazines
  • Learn the 3 Safety Rules that make gun handling safe
  • Use a Glock 17 semi-automatic laser pistol to “Fire” in your home (just a laser beam!) to learn how to aim
  • Learn specific steps to make a defense plan for YOUR house

The cost is $150 and this class can be set up just about any evening or weekend and there is no extra charge for more people (the maximum is 5, in order to make sure it is “hands-on for everyone).

You can contact us at to set up a class whether you are in the Chicago area or in Central Illinois (Bloomington / Normal, Decatur, Springfield, Peoria and surrounding communities).