When Will First Licenses Be Issued?

This is the big question on the minds of all the Instructors, as the Instructors were allowed to apply Dec. 18th as part of a “beta test.” After about 30 days, a great number of Instructors noticed that their online application status changed from “Under Review” to “Approved.” There was even an issue date and an expiration date.

However, within 4 days, the statuses all changed back to “Under Review” as this was apparently just a de-bugging.

Then, in the first days of February, many instructors got an email saying that their licenses were approved and would be mailed within 30 days. However, a couple hours later, another email was sent telling them to disregard this “test.”

Rumors abound, but most of us believe that no licenses will be issued until the first batch of instructors receive theirs, a full 90 days after their application date.

We will stay tuned!