Prior Training Credit: Utah, Florida and Other CCW Permits

We’ll know more (possibly) after December 17th***, but right now the (ISP) Illinois State Police is saying that the 4-hour credit for previous training that resulted in getting a non-resident CCW permit will NOT be given without a “training certificate.” Merely possessing the permit from another state is not good enough they say, as the 4-hour credit is awarded for training. So does that make sense?  How could you have obtained the permit without the required training?

It is simple.  Many outfits have long been offering a 5-hour, combined Florida/Utah class that gives you enough training to qualify for both states’ permits.  The problem is that the training is only 5 hours and should not be counted for 8 hours, merely because you qualified for two separate state permits.

As of today, the ISP will require you to submit the “training certificate” from Utah (which is actually the instructor-stamped and signed application given at the end of the class) in order to claim the four hour credit.  The other very popular non-resident CCW permit that many Illinoisans have gotten is the Florida permit, which requires that you submit a training certificate to obtain it.  This is less problematic than the Utah “certificate” since people are more apt to keep an actual certificate than a copy of the “application” that they sent off to Utah.

If you did not save a copy of your Utah application, which doubles as the “training certificate,” you can print and mail the form here and submit it with $5.00:

Mail the form and your payment to:

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

3888 W 5400 S

Taylorsville Utah 84129


If you need documentation from your CCW course for another state, contact your instructor or the gun range that provided the training.

*** December 17th is when the JCAR (Joint Committe on Administrative Rules) meets to approve or deny these rules that the ISP is proposing.