News About First Licenses Issued

This morning the NRA Lobbyist for Illinois, Todd Vandermyde, was in a Task Force meeting with government officials devising a plan to combine the FOID card and the License to Carry into one card.  This Task Force was created by the Firearms Concealed Carry Act and includes representatives from the State Police, the Senate, House, State Police, etc., and the NRA.

As a result of discussions this morning, Todd believes that the first licenses should be sent out next week (week of 24 Feb) or the following week.  Todd isn’t one to engage in wishful thinking – and he got this information firsthand.

Most of us instructors have experienced a bit of a lull in the number of people inquiring about classes.  The first big rush of “early adopters” seems to be through (about 50,000 statewide) and once people see the licenses are actually being issued, we expect the next big wave.

Stay tuned – you’ll see a photo of me with my license as soon as I get it.  I applied the first day, in the first hour (I am “Applicant #87) and will be watching my mailbox.