Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Ready to Launch – Awaiting Final Approval!

On Friday, August 30th, the Illinois State Police released the curriculum requirements for the full 16 hours of training to get an Illinois concealed carry permit (Illinois License to Carry).  In addition, they began accepting the fingerprints and applications for instructors to receive their credentials.  Word is that the approval process will take about two weeks.  It seems that the State Police feels like it has a black eye from the FOID card wait times, and is content that the livescan fingerprints will expedite their approval process for instructors.

The curriculum guidelines finally give us the detail so that we can ensure that our own curricula will satisfy the legal requirements.  Illinois Gun Pros has submitted an affidavit that our curriculum satisfies the legal requirements, and is confident that the “Illinois Gun Pros Illinois License to Carry Class” will appear on the State Police website as approved very soon.