Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Curriculum for Lombard / Chicago Area

The Illinois Gun Pros state-approved curriculum for Illinois Concealed Carry Classes is an 8 hour course that teaches the following:

 4 Hours of Gun Handling

In addition to the shooting qualification at the range, you will participate in hands-on drills to teach you exactly how to draw your gun safely, and reholster safely. (Drawing and reholstering are the things that cause the majority of accidental discharges and you DON’T want to accidentally shoot yourself.

4 Hours of Legal Training

We will teach you how to carry legally without accidentally bringing your concealed gun onto the property of a “Prohibited Area” (which is a Class B Misdemeanor).  This is critical. Instead of just listening to a lecture about where you can and cannot carry, you will be actively involved in filling out worksheets so that you KNOW how to stay legal.  You will work as a class and also break out into small groups so that you can learn from the questions that others ask, which you might not have thought of.

In addition, you will be taught the FOID Card Act, Justifiable Use of Deadly Force, and all other laws that are required for you to know to carry a concealed gun.

If you want to register for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class,  you will need either 8 or 12 or 16 hours of training.  Don’t know how much training you may require?  You can find out how many hours do I need for an Illinois Concealed Carry License.