Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Begin!

With the approval of our curriculum, Illinois Gun Pros has now begun scheduling Concealed Carry Classes!

We have many people who have already satisfied the first 8 hours of the 16 hour training requirement.  They have either taken the NRA Basic Pistol Course, are either military veterans or Active / Reserves, or they have taken other courses approved by the Illinois State Police that add up to 8 hours.  These individuals are filling up the “second 8 hour” classes we have scheduled.

What if you have only 4 hours credit, from another state’s ccw permit or an Illinois Hunter Safety Course or the Chicago Firearms Safety Course?  Well, then you will need 12 hours of training.  You can click here to see how that will work.

If you have no training and require the full 16 hours, we will be offering the NRA Basic Pistol Course to take care of the first 8 hours. This class will be offered in November and will automatically get you a preferred spot in the 2nd 8-hour class.