Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Passes with a Strong Majority

The July 8th deadline imposed by the 7th Circuit Court is fast approaching. The Illinois Concealed Carry bill that the legislature passed with strong majorities awaits the signature of Governor Quinn. We expect him to wait until the last day to sign it into law, begrudgingly.
Once the law is in place, the Illinois State Police will have 60 days to begin approving instructors and course curriculum for the 16 hour training requirement. The Illinois lobbyist for the NRA has said that there is a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Police to recognize NRA instructors and NRA courses to satisfy this requirement.

The law spells out that at least 8 hours of the 16 must be training on the new law, where you can and cannot carry, and a shooting qualification. This course curriculum is being created now by Pro-2nd Amendment experts and should be available for the Illinois State Police to certify well within the 60 day window.