How Well Do You Know the Laws Governing Concealed Carry in Illinois?

(Answers below)

These questions all apply to a person with an Illinois License to Carry

1)You can always have your gun with you in your car legally, except in the parking lot of a Federal facility or a Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulated facility. (True/False)

2) If your FOID is revoked, you must turn your guns in to the Police. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

3) If you sell a gun to an Illinois resident, you must run their FOID card using the Illinois State Police Website and retain the record, along with the receipt, for 10 years. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

4) If you give a gun to an Illinois resident, and no money changes hands, it is not necessary to run their FOID card using the Illinois State Police Website.  (TRUE)  (FALSE)

Federal Laws:

5) Transferring (selling or giving) a firearm to a resident of another state requires that you use a Federal Firearms Licensee. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

6) It is legal to have a gun in your car in the parking lot of a federal building. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

7) It is legal to carry concealed in a National Park (but not the buildings) as long as you are legal to carry in the state where the National Park in located. (TRUE)  (FALSE)

8) Your License to Carry is recognized and you are legal to carry in your car on the property of a federal facility or a facility managed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (TRUE)  (FALSE)



1) True.  In Illinois, your car is a safe harbor, but this does not apply to federal / nuclear facilities.

2) False.  You must turn in your FOID card to the police, but your guns can be given for safekeeping to anyone with a FOID card.

3) True.  This became effective January 1, 2014.

4) False.  A transfer of a firearm, whether a gift or a sale, requires that the FOID be checked.

5) True.  This is an interstate transfer of a firearm.

6) False. Park your car on the street and not in the parking lot if you have your gun with you.

7) True.  Just remember that you cannot bring your gun into the buildings.

8) False.  This question is repeated because it is important to remember that the Federal government isn’t impressed with our Illinois License to Carry.

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