How to Pick a Carry Gun

What caliber is best? Revolver or Semi-Automatic? Full sized gun or subcompact?  How do you decide what carry gun is best for you?

In my opinion there are two primary concerns when choosing a carry gun.  That’s not to say that there are only two choices or considerations, but I believe that there are two facets that should drive your decision.

First of all, the gun must be easily concealable and comfortable.  Most people who are licensed to carry and who no longer carry daily stopped carrying because it was inconvenient. They had made the decision to carry a gun based on the caliber and perceived stopping power and, as a result, chose a gun that was too heavy and / or jabbed them in the side.  It was uncomfortable and by the end of the day it felt like they were carrying around a brick, so they started to neglect carrying.  Before they knew it, they were rarely even carrying.  The moral of the story is that the “undersized” gun that you really do carry every day is infinitely superior to the large, impressive gun that you end up not carrying.

Second, the gun must be one that you are absolutely proficient with, with the emphasis on absolutely.  If you have a gun that you are really good with, have been shooting for years and love, but then you go out and buy a smaller carry pistol, you are at a great disadvantage. The day that you may have to draw your carry weapon and use it, it will be absolutely necessary that you can accurately point-shoot, clear jams and even do a magazine change without thinking or looking.  That takes practice.  Don’t have time for practice?  Then just realize that if the gun jams and you can’t instantly and instinctively deal with it in an instant, you just have a concealed-paperweight that you can perhaps throw at the person threatening your life.

Practice. Then pactice some more.  Then practice more after that.

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