Bloomington / Central IL Classes

Central Illinois residents have several options to complete their Illinois License to Carry training. If you have no prior training credits, you will need the full 16 hours, which can be done in two eight-hour classes, which may be taken out of sequence.  

 If you have some credits, you will need at least the “second 8 hours” of training, and perhaps 4 hours in addition.  Not sure?  Click here: Training Credit

The first 8 hour course will also qualify you for non-resident permits from Florida, and Arizona!

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1st 8 Hrs for Illinois Concealed Carry:

Handgun Fundamentals, $75 

Saturday, August 5, 2017 in Atlanta, Logan County IL

2nd 8 Hrs for Illinois Concealed Carry: $75 + $10 Range Fee

Legal / Shooting Qualification (Two four-hour segments):

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 in Atlanta, Logan County, IL

If you have any questions, please fee free to contact the Chief Instructor at

Course Information

  • No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom, but guns may be brought inside if you do not wish to leave them in your car.
  • If you are taking this 8 hour block of instruction split into two parts, shooting will not be required in both classes.  More information will be provided…
  • Advise the Chief Instructor asap if you will not be bringing your own firearm. (Guns are available for your use at no charge if you do not have one).
  • If possible, please pre-load your magazines with 10 rounds of ammunition. You will need a total of forty rounds to shoot (four magazines are NOT required if you do not have them).
  • Please bring hearing and eye protection. Eye protection can be in the form of prescription glasses, as side panels are not required.


The Atlanta, Illinois location is a great place for your Illinois Concealed Carry Class, as it is convenient to Bloomington Normal and McLean County.  Even if you are outside of Bloomington Normal and live in Chenoa, Lexington, El Paso, Barnes or LeRoy, the best Illinois CCW class option for you is just outside of McLean County, in the northeast corner of Logan county, in Atlanta.  If you live in a Logan County town, such as Lincoln, Illinois, Mt. Pulaski or  Broadwell, this is clearly the optimal location for you to take your Illinois CCW class. For those living in DeWitt County areas around Farmer City, Wapella or Clinton, this is also a great Illinois License to Carry Class location. If you live in Sangamon County and are looking for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class, you won’t mind the drive to Atlanta if you live in Springfield, Virden, Jacksonville, Chatham, Auburn or Leland Grove because you know that you will get the best possible CCW training for your Illinois License. Woodford County residents will also appreciate the finest CCW training in Central Illinois, whether they hail from El Paso, Roanoke, Minonk, Eureka or Metamora.