12 Hour Option For Those With Prior Credit

If you have a Hunter’s Safety Card, a Chicago Firearms Permit or a CCW Permit from one of the six states (Utah, Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky or Michigan), you have 4 hours of credit towards your Illinois License to Carry, according to the Illinois State Police.

A four-hour course listed below can be combined with the “Second 8-hour” course, and they do NOT have to be taken in sequence.  The cost of the Second 8-hour course is $110 plus a $12 Range fee.  To register for that second, 8-hour course, CLICK HERE.

The four hour courses are either $75 or $50, depending upon which you choose.  The FULL First 8 hour cost is $125, and will also qualify you for non-resident permits from Utah,  Florida and Arizona. If you need only 4 hours, you can register for Section A (assuming you do not already have a Utah permit) or Section B, below.

The first 8 hour course is $125, and will also qualify you for non-resident permits from Florida, Utah and Arizona! This course can be taken in either one day (on a weekend) or split into two weekday evenings of four hours each.

Addison Location:  Hilton Garden Inn, 551 N. Swift Road, Addison, IL

LaGrange Location: American Legion Post, 900 S. LaGrange Rd, LaGrange IL

Range:  Article 2 Range in Lombard


Click on the Class Date Below to Register

One Day, 8 Hour Class $125 (Plus $15 Range Fee):

Sunday, November 16th 9-6PM — Addison Location ($75 Deposit) 

(This session is the NRA Basic Pistol Course, which will also qualify you for a Florida and Arizona CCW.)

 “Section A” –  4 Hrs – $75 (No Range Fee):

Wednesday, October 28th – 6 to 10 PM (LaGrange Location****)

* Section A also qualifies you for a non-resident Utah CCW Permit. Do not take this class if you already have a Utah Permit.

 “Section B” – 4 Hrs – $50 (No Range Fee):

Dates To Be Announced. (Please email us at info@IllinoisGunPros.com for specifics)

* Section B, along with the final 8 hour course, also qualifies you for non-resident CCW Permits from Florida and Arizona.

Click Here to Register for the Final 8 Hour Course

If you have any questions, please fee free to contact the Chief Instructor at info@IllinoisGunPros.com

Course Information

  • No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom, but guns may be brought inside if you do not wish to leave them in your car.
  • If you are taking this 8 hour block of instruction split into two parts, shooting will not be required in both classes.  More information will be provided…
  • Advise the Chief Instructor asap if you will not be bringing your own firearm. (Guns are available for your use at no charge if you do not have one, you will just need to pay for the ammunition).
  • Unless prior arrangements are made with the Chief Instructor, students are to supply their own ammunition, ear and eye protection. However, these can be provided if you do not have them.